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SONAX Interior cleaning wipes SONAX Interior cleaning wipes
Cleans all interior surfaces in vehicles: Cockpit, door trims, roof lining, seats, upholst...read more
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SONAX Application sponge SONAX Application sponge
Size: 12 x 8 x 3.5 cm with a white grip side and a yellow sponge side. Can be used univers...read more
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SONAX Insect sponge SONAX Insect sponge
Easily and quickly removes insect residue from glass, paint and plastics, without leaving...read more
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SONAX Windscreen sponge SONAX Windscreen sponge
Double action: Dries with one wipe and provides anti-misting effect. (417.100)...read more
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SONAX Dirt eraser SONAX Dirt eraser
Cleaning sponge for eradicating stubborn stains on unpainted plastic components (e.g. scuf...read more
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SONAX MicroFibreCloth SONAX MicroFibreCloth
Cleaning cloth made of microfine polyester and polyamide fibres. Excellent at removing dus...read more
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SONAX Multi sponge SONAX Multi sponge
The all-rounder for car cleaning. Particularly absorbent. With two different application s...read more
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SONAX P-Ball sponge SONAX P-Ball sponge
Extra Sponge for the: Rapidly yields perfect polishing results without any effort. Ergon...read more
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SONAX Care pad for plastics SONAX Care pad for plastics
For the application of plastic care products in the car-s interior (e.g. cockpit). (417.20...read more
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SONAX Microfibre cloth exterior SONAX Microfibre cloth exterior
Ideal for finishing off after the paintwork care. The extremely absorbent active microfibr...read more
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SONAX Microfibre cloth PLUS interior and glass SONAX Microfibre cloth PLUS interior and glass
This ultra fine microfibre cloth leaves no streaks, smears or fluff. For use on smooth sur...read more
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SONAX Microfibre cloth PLUS interiors and glass SONAX Microfibre cloth PLUS interiors and glass
Microfibre cloth for removing dirt and greasy films from glass, mirrors and plastics. Also...read more
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SONAX Insect sponge for paintwork SONAX Insect sponge for paintwork
Special cleaning sponge as additional tool to clean surfaces with stubborn insect deposits...read more
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SONAX Sponge Applicator -Super Soft- SONAX Sponge Applicator -Super Soft-
Super soft aid for gently applying and distributing waxes, sealants and lotions. Gentle on...read more
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SONAX Microfibre Cloth Exterior SONAX Microfibre Cloth Exterior
High quality, fleecy Microfibre Cloth for removing polish residues. It also removes silico...read more
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SONAX Synthetic chamois SONAX Synthetic chamois
Extra large, high-quality chamois with an excellent absorbtion capacity. Always ready to u...read more
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SONAX Wheel rim sponge SONAX Wheel rim sponge
For especially stubborn dirt and the most difficult to access areas on steel and aluminium...read more
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SONAX Polishing cloths SONAX Polishing cloths
Extremely soft polishing cloth. The ideal aid for a glossy finish. Gentle on the paintwork...read more
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SONAX Glass cleaning wipes SONAX Glass cleaning wipes
Moist cloths for cleaning windscreens and other glass surfaces, such as mirrors, monitor s...read more
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SONAX Leather care wipes SONAX Leather care wipes
For the quick, easy and thorough cleaning of all smooth leather surfaces. Care substances...read more
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